Our Principles and Performance

LTG stands apart from other consulting and training firms because we weave our core values of excellence, diversity, integrity and commitment into what we do.

Our perspective on how to achieve the highest levels of organizational success is grounded in one simple belief — the people with whom we work have the talent to transform their organizations from places of discontent to sources of inspiration.

As words from our clients make abundantly clear, we provide some of the best interventions in an organization's history. We are proud of what we have done and the results we have achieved.

Our Programs and Services

Whether people go through our 10-week signature management training, executive coaching or leadership academy, LTG's fundamental purpose is to provide substance from our clients' assessed needs. From there we draw out people's abilities to meet those needs through their own expertise and newly acquired skills.

We train, consult, coach and facilitate with targeted stakeholders, whether they be executives, front line staff, school teachers or principals to re-ignite the passion that brought them to their work.

LTG Campus

We are committed to providing resources and promoting dialogue online. LTG Partners have begun to practice circle meetings. By opening up ways for relating to one another, we aim to model the spirit and principles of the trainings we offer and our inspired vision for what organizations can be.

Focus On

NYC Citywide Administrative Services

LTG has secured a contract to produce Workplace Effectiveness courses for the NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) for training from 2012 through 2016.

We have delivered trainings focused on "Delegation and Time Management", "Managing Stress and Preventing Burnout", and "Dealing with Difficult People". There will be other classes on communications and cultural awareness in the months ahead. Read more »

Read Our Book

Stories of Transformative Leadership in Human Services: Why the Glass is Always Full
by Steve Burghardt and Willie Tolliver

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