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May 5, 2009 – The latest book by LTG Partners, Steve Burghardt and Willie Tolliver, speaks to human service professionals who want to recapture, renew and recreate the committment and passion that brought them to this heartfelt work.

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LTG Campus

The LTG Campus is all about sharing: sharing ideas, lessons learned and given.

Online Conversations

Whether through our blog posts such as Liz's conversation about hunger, or our video conversations on the askLTG YouTube channel — we want to share with you.

In turn, we invite you to respond with your comments and teach us as well: let's foster discussions on healing and child welfare, leadership from the middle, and coping with the pressures at the top.


In nights of Renewal with peers and as part of our own ongoing developmment LTG Partners have begun to practice circle meetings. By opening up ways for relating to one another, LTG aims to model the spirit and principles of the trainings we offer and our inspired vision for what organizations can be.

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