LTG Story in Brief

LTG is known for our unique ability to re-ignite people's passion for the work they do while transforming their organizations from places of discontent into sources of inspiration where innovation and change are embraced.

We train, consult, coach and facilitate with targeted stakeholders; executives, middle managers and front line staff.

As words from our clients make clear, our consultations on leadership and organizational development, diversity work, skilled based training, and strategic planning have affirmed that we provide some of the best interventions in an organization's history. We are proud of what we have done and the results we have achieved.


Whether a crisis of global competition or fiscal constraint, major executives today work under demands not seen for a generation.

As our partners and consultants are drawn from both the corporate and public sectors, we have a unique ability to meet your bottom-line demands for performance while helping you develop an increasingly diverse workforce.

Our Programs and Tools

The Leadership Transformation Group's programs provide tools for managing that bottom line each and every day.

LTG offers customized, bottom-line driven trainings and consultations on team leadership, front-line manager development, cultural competency and customer service designed to meet the unique demands and opportunities of the corporate sector.

Focus On

LTG and Call Centers

In this era of a globalized marketplace, call centers have become a key organizational unit in a number of corporations.

LTG has developed customized trainings for call center managers and supervisors to lead their employees towards higher performance standards and continued innovation.

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