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Linda Lausell Bryant
Linda Lausell Bryant

"For me, executive coaching has been a time-efficient process for reflecting, strategizing and focusing that has been instrumental to my ability to initiate and manage large-scale and rapid changes in my agency.

Executive coaching is a small investment of time and resources that yields major dividends."

February, 2008
Linda Lausell Bryant
Executive Director
Inwood House

Your Performance

Transforming your organization starts at the top with you... LTG helps you as the leader of your organization, transform the way you view yourself, your mission, and the potential within your team.

At the core of LTG's work with organizational leaders is the belief that people's commitment to both the long-term mission of their organization as well as to their own fulfillment, can be reaffirmed and reignited as the foundation for what they do at work each and every day.

Our Individual Coaching

We work intimately with executives confronting massive change, often in hostile or highly competitive environments, where decision making relies on reflection, strategic smarts, and adaptability.

Our track record speaks to the trust high profile executives from many sectors have in our coaching and the lasting changes that happen inside their teams. LTG offers individualized, intensive coaching for executives through two programs: Executive Training and Executive Coaching.

Focus On

Using Meditation to Heal and Grow While at Work

People at work today aren't just tired and stressed — they need to heal.

When a teacher or caseworker works with a child whom he or she knows has been traumatized, some of that trauma enters their body.

When executives are forced to lay off good people, the pain doesn't go away because it was a necessary and rational business decision.

That trauma and pain gets stored in the body — LTG helps people heal and grow.

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