Case Study

Camden Public School District

LTG has worked in Camden, New Jersey's Public School District, one of the nation's most challenged school systems. High schools in Camden have long been beset by violence, crumbling facilities and low graduation rates.

At the request of the school district, LTG has been facilitating a whole school transformation at Camden High School. Using several of its most effective training tools - Open Space Technology and Intercultural Dialogues - LTG has helped school administrators, teachers, students, and parents to identify and collaboratively address their most pressing needs. Ignited by their own perceptions and passions, eleven work groups are now creating a learning environment that the children of Camden deserve.

LTG believes passionately in the leadership potential in all stakeholders of an organization. Through its Parent Leadership Trainings, parents of Camden High School students have become instrumental in bringing about needed change. LTG has been conducting a Train the Trainer series with Camden teachers to help educators empower themselves to train other teachers in new educational initiatives in Math, English, and other curriculum areas.

Finally, LTG has created a Leadership Academy for principals in the Camden school system. The purpose of this academy is to enhance the leadership capabilities and provide a support system for school principals in the process of transforming schools into vibrant, active professional learning communities.

LTG is proud to say that its principles and practices are already bearing fruit. Superintendent Bessie Le-Fra Young recently said that it takes time, but the school is "moving toward greatness...When you have committed people you take it a day at a time," she said. "It is going to be a student-first school. Our work is about education every day." Recent changes in Camden High School were profiled in the Courier Post.

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