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NYC Citywide Administrative Service (DCAS)

NYC Citywide Administrative Service

Since securing a contract for Workplace Effectiveness courses for the NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) for training throughout 2011-2016. LTG has delivered and will continue to offer the following trainings:

Delegation and Time Management

This Two-Day training program on improving delegation and time management is to help you become an even more effective supervisor. The participants will find out that the training commitment is not only to strengthen your time management skills but to develop your leadership. The participants will be provided with clear supervisory skill sets and opportunities to deepen their own reflective capacity to assess the context, demands, and opportunities found within their role. In addition, they will be provided with tools that deepen their authority and flexibility in developing their teams so that delegation becomes a staff development opportunity.

Managing Stress and Preventing Burnout

This One-Day training will allow the participants to recognize the signs of Stress and Burnout and to learn how to de-stress in a demanding workplace. This day will help participants identify the types of stress and burnout impacting their lives and provide them with tools and techniques as well as understanding how to lessen the negative stressors in ways that improve personal well-being and workplace productivity.

Dealing with Difficult People

This One-Day training will focus on managerial skills that can be put to use immediately back at the office. The participants will be provided with concrete tools that can get the attention of problem employees, starting with the mildest and least confrontational of techniques, then moving on to other, professional skills that directly confront difficult people in ways that leave little doubt about the problem issue at hand. This training session provides a strategic perspective for a supervisor or manager to create the desired change even under the most trying of circumstances.

Quite simply, by the end of the day, LTG will give you clear management tools to create change in others and leadership tools to create change within yourself. It is through this combination that you can expect to begin to transform a troubled workplace into a high performing, positive work environment.

Other seminars the LTG will be delivering in the future are:

  • Building Positive Workplace Relationships,
  • Contract Negotiation,
  • Work Life Balance: If the Work is Sacred Then So Are You,
  • Creating a Culture of Curiosity to Improve Staff Performance
  • From Cultural Competency to Multi-Cultural Effectiveness
  • and many more.

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