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LTG transformed my view of an organization's use of a consulting firm. Instead of mechanistic technical assistance, LTG worked with our Division as compassionate, intelligent experts. LTG staffs insert a common sense, human perspective in their trainings and consultations in ways that resonate with staff at all levels. In this way we were able to build needed bridges of communication throughout the Division.

Of the many strategies invoked by the agency to better serve youth who are remanded into detention, our partnership with LTG is a flag ship initiative to bring positive reformative transformation to juvenile detention in New York City.

Oliver Pu_Folkes Oliver Pu-Folkes, Associate Commissioner, Department of Youth and Family Justice, ACS NYC

Performance Overview

As LTG's partners and consultants are drawn from a range of sectors, we have a unique ability to meet the demands and opportunities of organizations from the government, not-for-profit, and corporate sectors. From large organizational teams to individual executives and managers, LTG has a proven track record of bringing about lasting change. Please review our Client List for the numerous organizations with whom we have worked.

Government Agencies

From federal agencies such as the U.S. Census Bureau to social service and school systems in large urban centers, LTG has worked with a wide range of government organizations on the federal, state, county, and city levels. LTG's Leadership Academy curriculum for New York City's child welfare system has been seen as second-to-none in the nation. Since 2007, LTG, working with administrators, teachers, parents, and students in Camden New Jersey's Public School District, has helped transform learning environments in one of the nation's most challenged school systems.

Non-Profit Organizations

LTG has been successful in expanding the level of excellence throughout the not-for-profit sector. From large multi-service agencies such as The Salvation Army and Episcopal Social Services to smaller agencies addressing specialized needs including child welfare, homeless services, and youth development, LTG can customize its services to meet the unique challenges and goals of each organization.


LTG's principles and programs are well-suited to meet the demands and opportunities of organizations in the corporate sector. Our innovative and customized trainings can help managers and supervisors in Call Centers lead their employees to innovate and perform on the highest level.


Working with executives and managers from all sectors , LTG has helped organizational leaders transform the ways they view themselves, their missions, and the potential within their teams. LTG's Executive Training and Coaching programs have inspired leaders as far reaching as the Former Commissioner of New York City's Department of Homeless Services and the New York City Deputy Fire Commissioner to renew their personal commitment while effectively managing their agencies through times of transition.

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