Core Values

LTG stands apart from other consulting and training firms because we weave our core values of excellence, diversity, integrity and commitment into everything we do:

  • Excellence: The belief that everything we do and expect of those with whom we work will meet and surpass the standards an organization has set for itself through its mission and vision;
  • Diversity: The belief that the diversity of workplaces, in terms of race, ethnicity gender and sexual orientation as well as the diverse forms of information, problem-solving and communication, is a source of enormous and often-untapped potential in achieving a mission;
  • Integrity: The belief that the integrity of effort, where people and teams struggle to change and improve, is affirmed as people confront and release their internal resistance to the changes their workplace demands;
  • Commitment: The belief that people's commitment to both the long-term mission of their organization as well as to their own fulfillment, can be reaffirmed and reignited as the foundation for what they do at work each and every day.


LTG's perspective on how to achieve the highest levels of organizational success is grounded in one simple belief: that the people with whom we work have the talent to achieve all that is required. It is our job to locate that talent and bring it to the surface so our core values are expressed clearly and confidently.

Whether through our signature management training, where people re-discover their passion for their work and their willingness to learn new skills, or executive coaching, where executives learn new ways to create balance in their own lives so they inspire others to achieve the tasks at hand, LTG's fundamental purpose is to provide substance drawn from our clients' assessed needs, and to draw out people's ability to meet those needs.

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