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Tennessee Child Welfare

Working with Fred Simmens of Casey Family Programs (CFP) and the Philadelphia-based Center for Applied Research (CFAR), LTG has begun an innovative, project-based leadership program with Tennessee's Department of Children's Services (DCS).

LTG has been working with DCS Commissioner Viola Miller and Deputy Commissioner Bonnie Hommrich and their team over the past several months to ensure that we develop an innovative and textured program for this large and varied state. A thorough needs assessment, followed by an exciting Open Space session held in Nashville, revealed both passion and a desire to expand leadership skills so that the children of Tennessee would benefit. Find out more »

Tools for Conversation

LTG offers a range of programs and services to help groups, communities and organizations cultivate the art of genuine conversation. Whether it is responding to an immediate crisis, strategic planning and goal setting, or team building, LTG can help you develop the necessary skills to dialogue with one another in new and refreshing ways.

Furthermore, LTG has always stressed cultural humility and intercultural communications skills across races and cultures to be truly effective. LTG Partners, a New Englander who traces his roots to pilgrims; brother and sister Edward and Liz Laboy, Puerto Ricans raised in Fort Green, Brooklyn; and Willie Tolliver, our African American president raised in Jim Crow South together and in individual sessions, can offer you and your team a far deeper exploration of how true cross cultural communication can build on diversity as an asset rather than a liability.

The interconnected world of this 21st century will be built on genuine effectiveness to bridge racial and cultural differences to enhance our world. Check us out soon!

Intercultural Dialogues

LTG's master trainers move beyond traditional discussions of race and culture to help you and your staff engage in dialogue. Through challenging and transformative exercises, participants learn to acknowledge, discuss and resolve issues connected to the diversity of people and perceptions that make up our intercultural lens

By becoming more comfortable with difference and learning how to acknowledge "elephants in the room", our clients walk away from this program better equipped to co-create culturally competent environments where all employees are welcome and inspired to perform.

Open Space™ Technology

Many organizations facing the challenges of rapid and widespread change struggle through long strategic planning sessions only to find their most urgent objectives are never realized. A key ingredient to effectively managing organizational change is garnering the energy and commitment of all stakeholders.

Utilizing Harrison Owen's breakthrough Open Space Technology, LTG will create a powerful "New Town Meeting" for your organization that brings important stakeholders together to operate with high levels of dialogue, passion and commitment. The goal of an Open Space meeting is to create time and space for people to engage deeply and creatively around issues of concern to them. The agenda is set by people with the power and desire to see it through. Open Space invites people to take full responsibility for what they care about.

By stripping away all that is non-essential, Open Space allows both leadership and structure to emerge, stimulates meaningful planning, initiates inspired performance, and in the process, transforms the individuals and groups involved.

World Café

The World Café, is a method for creating a living network of collaborative dialogue around questions that matter in real life situations. It is used for building collaboration, shared vision, and improved team work, especially during times of crisis and tension. As people share insights, the "magic in the middle" and a sense of the whole become more accessible.

Circle Meetings

The Circle, or council, is an ancient form of meeting that has gathered human beings into respectful conversations for thousands of years. Meeting in a circle is a meeting of equals and generally inspires peer-to-peer discovery and learning. It is designed to engage a group of people (large or small) in strategic conversations, where the collective wisdom and intelligence can be engaged in service of finding the best solution for a common purpose.

The Pro Action Café

The Pro Action Café is a space for creative and inspirational conversation where participants are invited to bring their project ideas, knowledge, experience, or whatever they feel inspired by and moves these conversations to action. The Pro Action Café is a blend of the World Café and Open Space™ technologies. As a conversational process, the Pro Action Café is an innovative but simple methodology for hosting conversations about questions and projects that matter to the people that attend. These conversations link and build on each other as people move between groups, cross pollinate ideas, and discover new insights into the questions or issues that are most important in their work, life, or community.

Fierce Communications & Non Violent Communications

This two-day training provides staff with the tools of straight talk needed to challenge each other while demonstrating respect in a way that breaks through impasses interfering with productivity and collaboration.

Public Speaking: How To Give Great Presentations

Used in our leadership development programs, this curriculum will help you develop the skills for effective and engaging presentations. This curriculum can be offered as a half-day, full-day, or two day training, or can be integrated into other LTG trainings.

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