In Their Own Words

"I have found that LTG and its partners Elizabeth Laboy and Steve Burghardt, have operated at the highest level of professionalism in curriculum development, trainings, conference and retreat facilitations and consultative interventions.

Steve Burghardt has worked with me in a professional and engaged manner where he has demonstrated genuine commitment to me and my executive agenda while not hesitating to push me on my own development. He was able to replicate this coaching skill with my executive team at a recent retreat. What began with some skepticism about the retreat's overall value concluded with uniform accolades for the leadership development and executive team-building that occurred."

Linda Gibbs Linda Gibbs, NYC Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services

Executive Training

High-powered executives with multiple demands have few outlets to reflect upon and think through their most important issues. LTG's Executive Briefing and Executive Coaching programs address the unique needs of top leaders from a range of service sectors.

Executive Briefing

As an upper or middle level leader in your organization:

  • Do you often wonder what truly is going on in your organization?
  • Does your staff struggle with low morale?
  • Do you want to develop skills to understand how the environment in your organization affects how your staff thinks and feels about their work?

LTG's Executive Briefing curriculum provides upper and middle level organizational leaders with multiple lenses through which to look at their organization differently. Participants have the opportunity to examine and transform their organizations in the following areas: the tone and momentum of their agency, quality of services delivered their institutional legacy, and the staff who are the organization's greatest resources.

As a result of their work with LTG, executives report significant improvement in collaboration, employee morale and their overall effectiveness.

Executive Coaching

LTG offers one-on-one coaching to help executives with a range of issues such as: budgeting and board development, determining a long-term course of action, handling internal staff conflicts, or balancing their personal and professional lives.

LTG's Coaching through Agency Change Transitions programs are specially designed for mid-level managers and supervisors seeking to effectively navigate their teams through organizational changes.

Our one-on-one coaches bring a high level of expertise, authenticity and caring to guarantee our clients lead their organizations effectively, leaving a lasting legacy of organizational success and personal fulfillment.

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