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NYC Administration for Children Services

Division of Youth and Family Justice

LTG will continue its innovative programs of training the staffs of DYFJ by beginning Phase 3, the training of the Direct Care Staff for 2 cohorts beginning September 2012 and ending March of 2013.

The Organization Alignment training combines a mix of self care, communications and cultural awareness of how to effectively work with the young men and women cared for by the staffs of DYFJ. Read the Case Study »

Management Training

LTG's approach to management training focuses not just on skills development, but on personal and organizational transformation. LTG offers customized training that is focused on outcomes and designed to tap the hidden potential within all organizational levels from executives to mid level managers to front line staff.

Signature Management Training

LTG's 10 session management skills curriculum was originally rolled out in 1998 and is used to train frontline supervisors. Participants practice skills for team building, effective communication, handling role conflict, the art of delegation, effective time management, total quality management and systems improvement, and maintaining agency wide standards of performance. LTG will customize the curriculum to meet the specific objectives of your program and division.

Supervision for Excellence

Based on LTG's Signature Management Training, the goal of this training is to help supervisors re-discover what leadership is, and develop strategies to empower their daily work, their work environment and their personal life. LTG has successfully completed this 10 week curriculum with supervisors in the Philadelphia child welfare system.

This training will challenge the supervisor to grow even further in their practice of social work. Using exercises in self-reflection and the technique of storytelling, we examine the trauma experienced by organizations, staff and those we serve, and intentionally surface the "undiscussables" - those issues that stay hidden or get pushed to the side - such as oppression, race, gender, sexual orientation, and class. LTG will customize the curriculum to meet the specific objectives of your program and division.

Working with Budgets

Strategic budgeting and financial planning are particularly important in these difficult times. LTG offers this 3-day training where staff can learn how to approach financial planning and budgets, not just as necessary skills, but as opportunities for organizational planning and growth.

Advanced 1 on 1 Coaching for New Managers

Based on our previous executive coaching program, LTG consultants provide one on one coaching to help staff develop the reflective capacity needed for long-term best practice in child welfare. We have five half-day sessions for group coaching.

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