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Courier-Post: NJ HS Faculty Impressed

01/21/08 – Marilyn Segars Jamal, a veteran city educator, took the mic at the front of the Camden High auditorium and told one student to take off his hat, kicked out another student for talking and announced to the school that she was the new acting principal. "I promise you, you will achieve success," Jamal said, tearing up. "My tears aren't for fear, my tears are because I'm ready to rise. Are you?"

Fresh paint is now covering some of the graffiti and outside consultants (LTG) are running professional development sessions.
[full article by Matt Katz]

Open Space™ Meetings

Jump-starting Organizational Change

Many organizations facing the challenges of rapid and widespread change struggle through long strategic planning sessions only to find their most urgent objectives are never realized. A key ingredient to effectively managing organizational change is garnering the energy and commitment of all stakeholders.

Utilizing Harrison Owen's breakthrough Open Space Technology, LTG will create a powerful "New Town Meeting" for your organization that brings important stakeholders together to operate with high levels of dialogue, passion and commitment. The goal of an Open Space meeting is to create time and space for people to engage deeply and creatively around issues of concern to them. The agenda is set by people with the power and desire to see it through.

Harrison Owen left academia to work with a variety of organizations, including small West African villages. It was here where he had the inspiration to originate and create the Open Space Technology in 1977. When there were problems in these villages, the elders would gather people for an open sitting, often around a Baobab tree, to discuss possible solutions and to settle on new rules for the village. Open Space is attended very often in African rural areas and has traditionally been a useful way to solve problems without relying on city authorities or governments.

By stripping away all that is non-essential, Open Space allows both leadership and structure to emerge, stimulates meaningful planning, initiates inspired performance, and in the process, transforms the individuals and groups involved.

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