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Indiana Department of Child Services

LTG, through the support of Casey Family Programs, is assisting the Indiana Dept. of Child Services (DCS) in strengthening and customizing staff development and training for child welfare managers from multiple levels. DCS has recently experienced a rapid and extensive transformation to a new, independent agency. DCS is training over 750 new front-line staff and 150 new supervisors in child welfare front-line practice and supervision. Read the Case Study

Renewal and Healing

Over the years, LTG has always underscored the importance of self-care in our work with our agency executives, supervisors and front-line staff. So many people who are committed to the well-being and care of our country's children, elders, and others at risk spend next to no time on their own self-care. The resultfrom hypertension to obesity to asthma to assorted and quite real physical ailmentsis still too often considered "normal" or "that's life" when one commits to work in human services.

Such a fatalistic attitude towards one's self, we all know, would never be acceptable for the children one works with. Why must people continue to not care for one's self in a similar way as we attempt to do for those at risk?

If you work in New York City, please consider attending our DCAS trainings on "Handling Stress and Burnout" that we offer throughout the year. If it is not offered, convince your training director to make a request. Finally, everyone can read our book, "Stories of Transformative leadership in the Human Services", especially chapters 26 and 27 If the Work is Sacred, then so Are You!

Retreats to heal and self care — "If the work is sacred, then so are you"

When a teacher or caseworker works with a child whom she knows has been traumatized, some of that trauma enters her body. When executives are forced to lay off good people with kids in school and mortgages to carry, the pain they feel doesn't go away because it was a necessary and rational business decision. That pain gets stored in the body, like the toxin it is.

Based on our book Stories of Transformative Leadership in Human Services, this facilitated half-day or full-day workshop promotes self-care and the attention to reflective practice as keys to successful practice in human services and to life.

Retreats to motivate staffs, build teams, manage in times of transition

LTG offers customized workshops that provide tools for managing stress and agitation, and for achieving balance between our personal and professional lives. Participants can reflect on the transitions before them, renew their entire selves, and return to the demands of the day replenished and open to what lies ahead.

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